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The Water Group's CampEdit

The Water Group's Camp is a plam tree forest a ways away from the main territory. They take comfort in the thin trees with scattered shade, and clearings large enough for a house. They make their houses out of Palm Tree leaves. Often times, the whole fan of leaves comes off, so it can be built faster. Using either wet sand or mud to seal it together, these cute little green huts give great camoflauge in the thin forest. Inside, they use sand for the flooring, and it stays soft no matter what. For a matress, they again use palm tree leaves, but crushed into soft twine-like strands, and cover then in weaved full leaves.

There is a clearing just a few yards away from the main camp that serves as a training ground. You can train for battle, or practice your netting technique. If you want to fish, go to the territory to do so. That is the only other place with water that is good for fishing. You could go to Lahn Beach, named after the first Leader of the Water Group.