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The Sky Group's Main TerritoryEdit

Bright Forest
The Sky Group's territory is a wide forest, very plentiful and sheltering. The Group's diet is deer, hawk, and sometimes rabbit. Most berries are poisonous if eaten, but are great for camoflauge or just decoration. When a new Leader is assigned, they use berries juices for face paintings. Their camp is in a bright clearing with soft green grass and a perfect view of the sky. At night, they head into huts made out of logs that fell down naturally. They seal the logs together with mud, and the soft grass beneath them is a great carpet. Sleeping on the floor isn't an option, so they have hawk feathers inside woven long grass for a matress, and deer skins for blankets. They live a quiet and peaceful life stowed away in the forest, and their lifestyle matches, the Leaders are normally very layed back, and give you some slack while you gather twigs for the weekly bon-fire feast...