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The Hunting GroundsEdit

Quiet trees
The Hunting Grounds are a dense forested area with lots of greenery to camoflauge you from prey. Up in the trees, the hawks land lightly, but you can hear even the lightest crack. You can use your bow and arrows for a faster kill, or if you prefer being closer when you kill it, you could use a spear. Whichever you use, make sure all of your kill goes to support the Group. The Leader of the Sky Group likes the best piece of meat, so make sure you prepare it well to please them, maybe after you give them a good meal, you could be relieved of your Lower duties, and become a Normal... Just maybe...

The Hawks like the top branches of the trees, so keep your eye out for a rustle of black or brown. The deer like to hide behind trees, and are fast to react if they smell you, so try to act faster.