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The Sky Group's CampEdit

The camp is a medium sized clearing with soft grass, and an opening in the canopy of trees so they can study the skies. The houses are a bit farther away from the camp, not in the canopy opening. But what there is, is a pit where they hold the weekly Bonfire Feast. The pit is just hardly packed dirt surrounded by rocks. This Bonfire is only held because of the seventh Leader of the Sky Group. He wanted the Group to be friends with each other, and all of the Leaders have kept it going- Will you be the first to discontinue this tradition?

Gather twigs, hunt for deer, climb a tree, talk to your crush, do whatever, but do not bother your Leader if he is doing something important. Just a heads up. Even though the Sky Group has a layed back lifestyle, the Leader can have a personality can override the calm scenery...