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The RulesEdit

  1. You can only have one character per month, and once you have role-played for five months, you may have unlimited characters. But mark my words, do NOT go crazy. If you make more than three characters per month, you will be restricted for one month of no character making.
  2. No godmodding, the balance between killing someone and godmodding is slim, but if you don't know what godmodding is, it's killing someone in one strike, or one huge message, not allowing the other to react.
  3. You may make your character 'evil' but do not make them overly kill-crazy. You must ask the owner of the character before killing them.
  4. Every character is fifteen, and once you have been roleplaying them for a year, they 'die' or more accuratly, become inactive. I will be making each Group have a character page, and I will be keeping track of how long they have been RPed.
  5. The main weapons for each Group are: Ice: Spears Water: Tritons Sky: Bow and Arrow You can use other weapons, but these are the most common for each Group.
  6. DO NOT kill your own Group Members without consulting the Leader, or having a good reason. All 'good reasons' must pass through me before being carried through.
  7. I also do not want anything sexual to happen on this roleplay site. Although Mild Romance is allowed, this is a kid friendly roleplay site.
  8. You can't normally resign from your Group, but you can be kicked from it, and you MUST join another group within a few days, because there is no wild to hang around in. -,-
  9. Lastly, I want you to have fun. So HAVE FUNNN :D