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Rankings of The GroupsEdit

There is always some kind of rank in big groups, so here's the rankings of the Gossamer Groups :D

LEADER- Most commonly Male, but not impossible for a Female to rule. If you apply for the Leader, you must be tested by being the leader for a week, and if you are good at controlling things around the Group, you can become perminent leader. (I will make sure it's fair, and the other RPers don't try to be uncooperative on purpose.)

NORMALS- The normals come in all genders, and personalities. There are many of them, and they are basically just... normal... Ha.

LOWERS- Lowers are the 'Omegas' of the Groups. The difference is that they act like Normals, but they get the poorest peice of meat, and get to be bossed around by the Normals and the Leader by some restraint.

That's pretty much it, pretty simple except for the Leader, hehe, anyways, GOOD LUCK :D