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Join The Gossamer GroupsEdit

Hiya! If you haven't read the rules (Naughty, you should have. u.u) here is the link, I cannot stress them more: RULES

Okay, now that I have checked twice that you have read the rules, here is the Join Form, be excited!:

Name- Give me the first and last name of your character

Group- Ice, Water, or Sky

Gender- You know the drill...

Description- Hair color, eye color, skin tone, (And I will reply your clothing ensamble.)

Personality- Remember not to make them KILL CRAZY.

History- You don't need to give me a 'since birth' Just a bit of information on their past.

Rank- There is one leader (usually male), multiple normal rankees, and a few lowers. (Lowers are like omegas, but they call them lowers xD)

Thank you for giving this you attention, so just comment below for your acception, and clothing ensamble. :)