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The Ice Group's Main TerritoryEdit

The Ice Group's main territory is always layered in thick snow, with a few trees clustered here and there. This is where they meet together, and forever explore. Their footprints are imprinted in the soft, icy layer of white. Their greatest discoveries are here, ing this noman's land of cold dreams...

"Okay, that's not fair, lets start over. We trade with the Sky Group for thick furs to wear when we aren't in the comfort of our huts. And we sometimes ask for feathers. Yeah, I know, we could just hunt for ourselves, and get these things without having to trade our otter skins, and fish meat. But we also use our own resources. For instance, the otter skins are great for boots when walking through the snow, because the waterproof pelts keep the freezing watery-like snow from penitrating to our feet. And we- er- eat the fish and otter meat. We appearantly think that deer skins are more comfortable for clothing..."