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The Ice Group's CampEdit

The Ice Group's camp is a very open and snowy area that has a trail to and from the territory, which isn't very far away. In the distance, you can see the Pines, where they have their houses, and collect wood for fires to keep warm in the cold nights. The houses are made with pine wood and hardly packed snow that eventually turns icy to seal the logs together. They use smashed up pine needles and use rubbery dead grasses woven together as the top of the matress. The flooring is just the forest floor, which is scattered with dead pine needles, and soft dirts. Farther in the distance, you can see the Daring Mountains, and between those two mountains in the valley is the icy cold river where they hunt for fish and otter.

The Ice Group being the most sarcastic, even funny Group, they have the advantage of being closer together. The Leader of this Group keeps the warmth up in this cold weather with good-natured jokes.