Layni Marina-

Layni has sandy blonde hair with blue eyes that look like you could see the ocean in them. She is pretty tan, and her lips are stained with a red berry that never goes away. She wears a sun bleached tan deer pelt from Sky Group in the form of a short dress with one tank-top sleeve. She, like all of the Water Group, always goes barefoot. She has an anklet of seashells and shark teeth, along with shark tooth earrings. Layni is kind, but has a rough side to keep up her reputation as 'Female Leader'. Growing up with six brothers helped also.

Crystal Star-

Crystal has dark brown hair with natural blonde highlights. Her hair is wavy, and shoulder length. She has three lighter birthmarks under each dark green eye. Crystal is lightly tanned, and wears a dark deer pelt from Sky Group in the form of a dress that goes to her knees. The sleeves are weaved Palm Leaves. She also has an anklet of palm leaves, and shell earrings. She has a heart of gold, but can go sour if you annoy her too much. She's tough and tries to prove herself in the Water Group. She came from Ice Group, with a sister, and came here.

Kataria Light-

Kataria has long and wavy chestnut red hair and blue eyes with green around the pupil. She has freckles from one cheek to the other, and she has olive skin. She wears a dark tan deer skin with one sleeve of weaved vines, and a 'lace-like' pattern of vines on the top of the dress. Her boots are of the same skin, and they go just above her ankles. Katari is always trying to prove herself to be the best in her group because she is thought to be Ice Group and Sky Group.