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Alpha Hearts is a Role-Playing site about Humans in different groups that fight for territory and food. There are three groups, The Ice Group, The Water Group, and The Sky Group.

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When we say Alpha Hearts, we mean real regal, loyal hearts. The groups of Gossamer are very dangerous to encounter. The three groups of Ice, Water, and Sky have different territory, diet, and way of life. The Group Of Ice lives in the tundra, where they eat otter and fresh water fish, and love astronomy. The Group of Water live near the ocean, eat scalops and crab, and relish the creatures of the sea. Lastly, The Group of Sky lives in a thin forest, where they dine on deer, and hawk, while thinking about the clouds. These groups are all in a central area, and they fight for their territory if it's nessecary. Read the Rules and Rankings, Choose your Group, Make a character, and start roleplaying!



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